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Products Name: Handstand Machine
Packing : 
Outer Box Size : 180*76*145cm

Product Details

Item Description :

1.Invert 160 degree with the nylon strap and 180 degree without strap.

2.Heavy duty steel frame

3.3 Position roller hinge allows speed control and rotation

4.Superior padding for ankle support

5.Auto-locking hinges

6.Specialized pivot bearings

7.Easy to read chrome height adjust bar

8.Heat treated high carbon steel

9.Curved foam ankle clamps

10.Durable, injection-coated rubber hand grip


1. Connect the blood that is not easy to reach the head to the brain. The blood that carries nutrients and oxygen can help strengthen memory and eliminate brain fatigue.

2.It can help relieve pressure on the spine and ligaments of the back, eliminate fatigue and relax the muscles of the whole body.

3. Helps relieve and correct the aging and sagging of organs caused by gravity, such as gastroptosis.

4. Promote blood circulation and train cardiopulmonary functions.

5. Promote body endocrine balance and improve skin condition.

6. Accelerate fat decomposition and metabolism to avoid excessive muscle accumulation and stereotyping.