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Do you know the Hottest Health Regimen Nowadays?

Apr. 06, 2021

As a Neck Massager Supplier, share it with everyone.

Now people are paying more and more attention to their health. Soaking wolfberries in a thermos cup, fitness yoga and Pilates have become more and more new ways for everyone's daily entertainment. More and more people will prepare a portable massager in their homes, so that shoulders, necks, eyes, facial skin, and joints can get a certain degree of relaxation and massage.

Neck Massager

Neck Massager

However, the most common choice is the cervical spine massage device. Almost all cervical spine massage devices on the market use micro-current stimulation and hot compresses to act on the neck. Hot compress is a very effective physical therapy method. Clinically, hot compresses can dilate blood vessels, effectively promote the absorption of inflammation and congestion, and promote local blood circulation. The stimulation of electric current can simulate massage feelings such as knocking, pinching, acupuncture, scraping, etc. on the skin. The first feeling of many people is that they are very comfortable and have a relaxing effect. According to the neurological "gate theory", transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy can relieve pain-based symptoms. Therefore, portable massage equipment is very popular among consumers in the market. Sending off to parents, girlfriends, and elders are all good choices, practical and healthy.

There are many types of portable massagers on the market, the prices are also quite different, and the user experience is also different. The main physical kneading massage technique, the use of roller mechanical scrolling and artificial hand grasping functions, allows customers to experience traditional massage techniques at home.

Neck massager, using bionic physical kneading, imitating ten-finger kneading head design, triple massage technique, 45℃ constant temperature hot compress, speed up blood circulation in the shoulder and neck, clear the meridians, and effectively improve the symptoms of stiffness, soreness, numbness and so on. Our company also has Neck Massager on sale, welcome to contact us.