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Products Name: Yoga Mat
Packing : 
Outer Box Size : 60x170cm

Product Details

Item Description :

1.Pollution-free material.

2.It has the strongest resilience and support power (the cushion from pressing to bounce back to normal form takes only 0.1 seconds!)

3.Soft, paved, ground, and all the mats can be ground and ground.

4.Light material, suitable for carrying out.

5.Designers carefully design product color and style, fashion and professional co-exist.

6.Under the condition of surface wetting, it can also keep the skid proof property. Avoid the slipping of the body without early warning.Waterproof, anti slip, even if the soles of the feet and palm sweat, yoga practice on the above, skid proof effect is still excellent. Beautiful and non skid particles are made on the front and back side, and the skid proof effect is better.


1.promote blood circulation.

2. Strengthen physical strength and flexibility

3. Eliminate fatigue, calm the state of mind. Keep people in a state of comfort and tranquility and enjoy life.

4. strengthen respiratory management

5. weight loss shaping

6. beauty. Yoga reduces facial wrinkles and produces a natural "skin pulling" effect.

7. increase the resistance to disease

8. improvement of vision and hearing